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30 years of experience, downloaded to your skillset, in just 8 hours


After 30 years working agency and client-side, with global brands, I'm now here to elevate you or your teams to world-class creative leadership

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- Master world-class leadership skills
- Win big new business
- Grow existing accounts
- Get promoted
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- Master world-class leadership skills
- Give feedback that lands
- Learn epic client management
- Get promoted
Are you a

- Support growth in your teams
- Slash client churn
- Maximise margins
- Grow your bottom line
8 hrs

What if you could supercharge your creative leaders, injecting them with 30 years of experience overnight?

Are your creative leaders exceptional creatives but struggling with the broader demands of their roles? Leading teams, providing feedback, navigating budgets and forecasts, contributing to the company's strategy, winning new business, and growing existing accounts can all be overwhelming.

That's where I come in to help 👋

Adam Jennings - your transformational trainer

Introducing The Transformational L&D Day

With nearly 30 years of experience crafting elite products, digital experiences, and campaigns for industry giants including Salesforce, Microsoft, Dolby and more, I'm ready to share my insights with you.

The Curriculum

Explore the 'Supercharged Creative Leaders' Curriculum

The learning and development day is designed with your creative leaders in mind, tailored to their specific needs. Here's a sneak peek at the agenda...

This transformational L&D day will empower your creative leaders to lead, inspire and drive success. They will walk away feeling refreshed, invigorated, and ready to run.
Meet Adam Jennings, Creator of Supercharged  Creative Leaders
Adam Jennings is a strategic executive creative thinker, realising elite products, experiences and campaigns for the world's strongest brands, for the best part of 30 years.

He has built world-class products and launched hugely successful campaigns for global brands including Ancestry, Dolby, Salesforce, Microsoft, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, BBC Worldwide, Penguin Random House, Xbox, Adidas and more.

With nearly 30 years experience both agency and client-side, he has a stellar reputation for delivering elite experiences that resonate with users and generate significant return for clients, all whilst nurturing creative talent in his teams.

He is currently a
judge for The FWAs.

For three years Adam worked multi-award winning design agency
Fantasy Interactive, where he led multiple teams building world-class products for global brands.

Adam has been trusted by major Hollywood studios to work on over 150 international digital marketing campaigns for beloved franchises including
Die Hard, Star Wars, The Simpsons, Transformers and Avatar.

Headhunted by Microsoft, Adam was the pivotal senior creative specialist on a beta launch product that generated
$40M USD in advertising revenue, as well as an integral creative force in winning multiple high-value advertising clients (28M+ Euro budgets). *Figures adjusted for inflation
Meet Adam Jennings, creator of Supercharge Your CDs

Trainer Credentials

Led many teams over the years, from teams of 5-10, to a multinational team of 70+
in advertising revenue generated on a single product launch
30 yrs
Trusted by global brands
organic account growth, over an 18 month period
What's being said about the program
“Here is my recommendation - Adam Jennings, a very experienced creative, is running a new L&D program that to date no one has done. It's really well thought out. Covers all the main issues and in one day will supercharge any CD. Very reasonably priced too. Am I getting a commission? No. I am a giver, not a taker. As I said, I have mentored a good few creative directors and helped a few out of sticky situations, so I believe this is good for our industry."
Dr Chris Arnold
Dr Chris Arnold
Ex-Creative Director & board director of Saatchi & Saatchi
“You are opening new paradigms in my life"
Vito Mansilla Supercharged Attendee
Vito Mansilla
Experience Director, USA
“Supercharged help me market my value, and really boosted my confidence.
Shortly after taking the program, I landed a new freelance gig"
Mikaela Dragon Supercharged Attendee
Mikaela Dragon
Creative Director, UK
“Such a great day! I've learnt lots of new skills to take my career to the next level"
Richard Hargrave Supercharged Attendee
Richard Hargrave
Design Director, UK
Supercharged Success
Attendees are already having fantastic success after taking the program:

✅ Landed a freelance CD gig at a global online retailer, 3 days after taking the program

✅ Won a $20M USD account for their agency

✅ Increased efficiency through better workflows for their team

Testimonials on working with Adam
“Working with people like you Adam is what makes me walk to work faster”
The Fantasy Interactive Logo
David Martin
President & Founder, Fantasy Interactive
“Adam's wealth of experience shines brightly, and his insights have been like a guiding light, offering us crystal-clear direction. He has this amazing knack for understanding what customers want, and he combines that with a strategic mindset that's truly remarkable.

He’s the kind of person who can take your team to the next level.”
Ancestry logo
Phillip Brooks, PhD
Manager Bioinformatic Product, Ancestry
Further Testimonials
“Adam is a unicorn – a creative leader who combines strategic thinking with genuine empathy.

I wholeheartedly recommend Adam to anyone seeking a transformative leader who can elevate creative projects and teams to new heights.”
"Adam has an exceptional ability to understand clients and build strong relationships at a human level.

He brings an incredible calming energy and insightful leadership approach that empowers team members and instills confidence."
"He is the consummate professional, and his extensive experience shines through.

He is an expert in his craft and his ability to inform, engage, and inspire through his signature storytelling makes him an absolute magnetic force."
Adam Jennings, creator of Supercharged Creative LeadersSUPERCHARGED CREATIVE LEADERS

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